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Quebec City was first established in 2005 by Michael Hapke and Frank Napolitano.  With more than 20 years each of extensive banking experience, the two set out to become one of Canada’s leading brokerage firms.

With their professional management style and proven track record, they have formed one of the largest, most successful Mortgage Brokerage houses in the industry.  Today, Quebec City is recognized as a dominant force in the mortgage brokerage market in Ottawa, and throughout Canada.

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Our Best Rates

Our Rates

TermBank RateOur Rate
6 Month7.85%7.50%
1 Year Closed7.84%6.74%
2 Year Closed7.39%6.09%
3 Year Closed6.94%5.14%
4 Year Closed6.74%5.19%
5 Year Closed6.79%4.94%
7 Year Closed7.00%5.70%
10 Year Closed7.49%6.09%
VRM Closed7.65%6.25%
Line of Credit8.20%7.70%
*Rates subject to change
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